A Tamaqua man was found guilty of violating several borough ordinances last week, despite his failure to appear at a hearing before District Judge Stephen Bayer of Tamaqua.

George Geissinger, of Hunter Street, was cited by Tamaqua Code Enforcement Officer James Barron after allegedly failing to correct numerous problems on his property, including having an unapproved access structure on the property. The access structure issue has been a long time in the making, as it was supposed to be a garage, started more than a decade ago. Despite Geissinger's failure to appear Bayer heard testimony from Barron and from neighbors of the defendant.

According to Barron, Geissinger applied for a permit to construct a garage on the property more than 12 years ago. The permit was granted at that time and work included placement of several concrete slabs as walls. The slab walls were not anchored, just stood on their edges. Time ran out on the original permit and Geissinger was granted an extension.

A second extension was denied and Geissinger was told to remove the items and clean up the property. When the work wasn't completed Barron filed the citations.

Neighbors displayed a montage of photos showing the condition of the property, including small children playing in and around the unsecured concrete "walls," high weeds and old vehicles. Recent high winds, they told the judge, actually blew down one of the concrete slab walls and sent another slab onto borough property. Borough workers then reportedly removed that slab.

Geissinger was found guilty, in absentia, for the access structure, for violating the weed ordinance and for failure to remove trash.