The miracle of life has lit up the school days of the fourth grade students at the L.B. Morris Elementary School in Jim Thorpe thanks to their 4-H project.

Students in the classes of teachers Mr. Holmes, Mrs. Kolnik, Miss Muenzel, and Mr. O'Donnell all participated in the project known as "Embryology".

Each class received a dozen partially incubated eggs which were already about 10 days old.

It takes a total of 21 days for the eggs to incubate and hatch out so, about 10 days after the eggs are received, the classrooms are filled with the sound of chirping chicks.

The progress of the developing chicks is monitored during the incubation period by "candling" the eggs.

Candling is done by shining a light through the egg to check out the developing chicks progress inside the shell.

The students learn about everything from the parts of the incubator to the parts of the chicken.

After they have hatched, the chicks remain at the school for about another week before they are sent to a farm to be raised.

Before that, all of the students have the opportunity to take a chick home for the weekend if they want to.

This 4-H project not only educates the students about the development of life, it also teaches them to care for and take responsibility for that life.

Not to mention, that its also a great deal of fun for all involved.