Only seven days are left for your vote to make Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania the winner of the 2012 Best Small Towns in America Best of the Road contest sponsored by Rand McNally and USA TODAY.

"We all know that we are the most beautiful town in America," said Pat Handwerk of the Harry Packer Mansion. "It's time to let everyone else know too."

Handwerk has started an email campaign to get out the vote to rate Jim Thorpe as the most beautiful town in America. She is asking everyone to go to [1] to register and vote, and you're allowed to vote once a day, for Jim Thorpe as the most beautiful town in America.

USA Today and Rand McNally formed a partnership to uncover the best small towns in the five categories: friendliest, most beautiful, most fun, most patriotic, and best for food. USA Today plans to write stories about these towns, and Rand McNally plans to highlight these towns in its 2014 trip Atlas.

At the conclusion of the contest, they will sponsor a road rally with five teams that will cross the United States from Washington, D.C. to Seattle, Washington and stop at these towns along the way.

As of May 7, the [1] site had over 20,000 votes. Jim Thorpe was 42nd, having received 51 votes overall, with 40 of those votes in the Most Beautiful category. In the Most Beautiful category, Jim Thorpe was 17th in the country.

Within Pennsylvania, the top six vote-getters were: Kane with 55 votes, Jim Thorpe's 52 votes, Hershey with 10 votes, Ligonier with 10 votes, Carlisle with nine votes, and Boiling Springs with five votes.

In the combined category of most beautiful town in Pennsylvania, Jim Thorpe leads the pack with 40 votes.

Runner-up Kane has 16 votes, Lavinia has nine votes, Carlisle has five votes, Boiling Springs has three votes and New Hope has one vote.

The current front-runners are: Danville, Ky. with 1,539 votes; Denton, Texas with 1,339 votes; Barnesville, Ky. with 1,211 votes; Murray, Ky. with 696 votes; Lewiston, N.Y. with 539 votes; and Burnsville, Minn. with 474 votes.

Some of the better-known vacation destinations in the United States are further into the pack than would be expected.

Places like Santa Fe, N.M. received 233 votes, and San Luis Obispo Calif. received 162 votes. Voting ends May 15.

To vote, go to [1]. Register and find Jim Thorpe by either entering Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania in the search field, selecting Pennsylvania from the drop-down menu; or sequencing through the field of entries.

When you vote, the site offers the option of submitting a photograph, a description or a review.