It is never too early to start preparing for the Christmas season. That is what Frank Fabrizio of Brockton is doing at the Depot Square Park in Tamaqua. Fabrizio, who puts up all the Christmas lights at the park every year, wanted to make his light display larger for the upcoming season. With the help of friend Tony Fannock of Tamaqua, Fabrizio used a ditch witch to bury and lay hundreds of feet of PVC pipe and over 1,000 feet of wire. Each tree in the park is being connected separately to a specially made control box. Fabrizio, who has decorated the park since 2007, estimates that when he is finished, each tree in the park will light up in unison or separately; and to any color scheme he chooses. Fannock, left, and Fabrizio lay hundreds of feet of PVC pipe to hide the wires that lead to each individual tree at the Depot Square Park.