An art contest is underway to find an official township emblem for Rush Township.

Participants aged 8 - 18, who are residents of the township, are eligible to submit their ideas to the board of supervisors. Supervisors stressed that the submissions should incorporate the township as a whole, embodying elements of its past, present and/or future.

The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $200. Deadline for entries is June 1.

More details about the generator issue that had many residents frustrated last month were discussed at last Thursday's township meeting. It was revealed the township had no choice but to purchase a $65,000 generator for the municipal building since it was locked in a contract written by the prior board, on which current Chairman Shawn Gilbert and current Vice Chairman Robert J. Leibensperger served.

Solicitor Chris Reidlinger said the board held an executive session on Mar. 14 to find an explanation to give township residents for the purchase.

"The decision to get a generator of that price came about after the prior board met with Air Products to evaluate what needed to be powered," he said.

"Air Products did not make any suggestions as to the size or type of the generator. The township asked Air Products for specific, engineering data. The township is what set the specs, not Air Products," Reidlinger added.

"Air Products saved the township between $5,000 to $10,000 in engineering costs," Gilbert said.

Following a public hearing that took place prior to the business meeting, the board approved a liquor license for Butala's Bar in McAdoo.

The board also passed a motion to allow the St. Jerome Regional School to hold its 5K walk on Saturday, Aug. 28. It will be using township roads near Air Products and parts of Marian. Township fire police were also asked to lend their assistance.

Next board of supervisors meeting will be Thursday, Apr. 19 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building.