Dear Editor:

Every religion has its version of the Bible.

The burning of the Quran was said to be an accident. People have died over this. However, we have apologized and so has our president.

Let's face it folks, we're talking about people who treat their women like garbage. They have no problem with killing their own people. They take our training, our weapons, our money and our help when nature raises hell.

Then they treat us like garbage use our money against us. Use our weapons and training against us. Shoot or kill our servicemen and burn our flag.

It's a book folks - it's a good book - but it's a book. Inside of this book it says - its against killing people, and we and our president say we're sorry. Do we have to be stepped on all the time? It's time we let them solve their own problems. Stop getting caught in between the guns. Do what you have to without getting killed and make sure the right people win -. Most of all let them handle the biggest part of their problem. State to let other countries take the lead. We can back up or supply.

I believe the Bible is to teach you about your religion and to comfort you when you need it.

If these people think so much about their book why do they go against it teaching?

Whey do they let the Taliban keep them revved up?

I remain:

Robert (Ski) Sieputowski