A new type of business containing an eclectic shoppe of stones and art gifts has etched its way into Jim Thorpe.

The store, called Swartz's Etchings & More, is owned by Ray and Barbara Swartz of Tamaqua and offers a vast array of affordable personalized granite crafts; such as decorative stones and jewelry, healing stones, etched pet portraits, and even personalized memorials or flat markers. Ray also pointed out that all his work is handmade and one of a kind, adding, "My work lasts much longer than normal laser etching."

Those are just a few of the many items available at the store, which is located at 77 Broadway. Ray, who has spent many years of his life as an independent etcher in the monument industry, has decided to fulfill his dream of using his earned talents to start his own business. "I enjoyed stone etching so much that I decided to create smaller and more affordable personalized items so people can share or display them at home."

"I can etch or draw on almost anything," said Ray. That statement is proved true as you look over Ray's inventory of etched or painted items, which consist of granite, agate, art canvas, feathers, jewelry, gemstones, candle holders, night lights, key chains, wind chimes, and salt lamps.

Some of the decorated stones consist of malachite, lapis, sodalite, jasper, peacock ore, rhyolite, soap stone, tigers eye, amethyst, moss agate, aventurine, blood stone, rose quartz, bonded onyx crystal, magnetic stones and so on. The types of granite he uses primary consist of jet black (most popular), Bahama blue and Indian red. Ray and Mary, who've been married six years and have four children, mentioned their loyalty card, which results in earning free stuff every fifth purchase. For more information or to order etched items, call them at (570) 668-6529 or visit them on Facebook.