The Baccalaureate Mass and eighth-grade graduation ceremony for Our Lady of the Angels Academy was held on Wednesday, May 30 at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Nesquehoning.

The folxlowing students received diplomas: Allison Amodea, Barry Fulton, Zachary Gilbert, Taylor Herlihy, Emma Macaluso, Courtney McCall, Samantha McCarthy, Hunter Nause, Jordan Reis and Cassidy Ryan.

Jordan Reis was recognized for Perfect Attendance and punctuality for the 2011-2012 school year.

Awards for excellence in the major subject areas were given as follows:

Religion, Zachary Gilbert; Mathematics, Emma Macaluso; Science, Barry Fulton; Language Arts, Taylor Herlihy; Social Studies, Hunter Nause; and Literature and Reading, Jordan Reis.

Students with the highest general average were Courtney McCall and Allison Amodea.

Samantha McCarthy had the second highest average.

The President's Education Awards Program was initiated in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan to recognize the nation's students for their outstanding academic performance and achievements. Each recipient of the President's Education Award must have earned a grade-point average of 90 on a 100 point scale through grades 6, 7, and during the first semester of grade 8, and a high achievement on a standardized test battery score in math or reading.

The following graduating students have met these criteria and are awarded the Presidential Education Award: Allison Amodea, Courtney McCall, Samantha McCarthy, Cassidy Ryan and Jordan Reis.

Other awards presented were as follows:

Principal's Award: Zachary Gilbert

Sen. David C. Argall, "Good Citizen" award: Courtney McCall and Zachary Gilbert

Diocese of Allentown Bishop's Scholarship $1,000 scholarship to attend Marian Catholic High School: Allison Amodea, Emma Macaluso, Courtney McCall and Samantha McCarthy.

Paul J. Nester, Jr. Scholarship full freshman year scholarship to Marian Catholic: Emma Macaluso and Samantha McCarthy

Connell McCall Memorial Grant: Courtney McCall

Margaret Shober Scholarship $250 grant for Marian Catholic: James Hunter Nause

The First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association High School Freshman Scholarship $1,000: Samantha McCarthy

Mr. Benjamin Davis Memorial Award: Barry Fulton

The National Geographic Society Award: Courtney McCall

MATHCOUNTS Foundation certificates were presented to Allison Amodea, Zachary Gilbert, Emma Macaluso, Courtney McCall and Jordan Reis.

IHM Math Contest certificates were awarded to Allison Amodea, first place; Courtney McCall, second place; and Emma Macaluso and Jordan Reis, third place tie.

Faithfulness to a commitment is a quality to be commended and respected. The following students worked behind the scenes, doing all those little things that make for a major difference in the school community.

The following students have been involved in peer tutoring, have helped to raise school spirit, and have volunteered for many school projects: Allison Amodea, Zachary Gilbert, Emma Macaluso, Courtney McCall, Samantha McCarthy, Jordan Reis and Cassidy Ryan.

The Home and School Association presented each graduate with a rosary as a graduation gift.

The Rev. Francis P. Schoenauer was the presider; the Rev. Kenneth Medve served as homilist; and Rev. James Burdess concelebrated the Mass.