This weekend marks the 51st year of the running of the Weatherly Hill Climb on the outskirts of the town.

Drivers will be coming from all over the East Coast, the New England states, and the Midwest to challenge the hill in Weatherly which is one of the most difficult courses to run.

On both Saturday and Sunday, there will be racing from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

After the completion of the hill climb events on Sunday, trophies will be handed out to the drivers about 4 p.m.

Each driver will try to finish the 1.1 mile course in under 60 seconds while climbing through an elevation change of about 340 feet.

The hill consists of uphill straights leading into hairpin turns.

One turn called "the Wall" has to be seen and driven to be believed, followed by a hairpin turn, a short run to another hard right hand turn and then the "Jump" where most cars leave contact with the pavement.

From this point the rest of the hill consists of a short straight leading to a long sweeping turn to the finish that tests the race cars' grip on the road as well as the driver's nerve.

But, this is not just a motor-sporting event, as it will be a center of a family weekend, based around the hometown pride of the Weatherly community.

Tonight there will be a kick-off parade for the Hill Climb weekend which will include some of the race cars and drivers.

The parade will start at 7 p.m. at the former Wagner property located just off Plane Street in the borough and will then proceed through Weatherly for a distance of about 1 miles.

Also, on Saturday night at dusk, there will be fireworks for the public.

On Saturday and Sunday, there will be a community-wide yard sale in which residents throughout the borough will be participating.

There are more than 45 families that have already preregistered for the yard sale.

There will be free admission and free parking during the Hill Climb with games, food, and refreshments by local nonprofit groups and churches available to the public.

To get to the Weatherly Hill Climb, after leaving Route 93 in Hudsondale and driving into Weatherly, at the first stop sign, turn right and drive over the creek and a set of railroad tracks.

Turn left at the first opportunity and proceed parallel to the creek. Follow the street as it turns right until you see the Weatherly Fire Department on your right.

During the hill climb hours this street, beginning at the fire house, serves as the paddock area and will be closed to all but race cars.

Visitors can turn left just prior to the fire house and find a parking space, then may walk on the street serving as the paddock area to reach the hill climb.

The main sponsor of the Weatherly Hill Climb is Fairway Subaru of Hazleton along with co-sponsors DeAngelo Brothers Inc. of Hazleton, the Hazleton Firestone Store, and others.