Saint Joseph Regional Academy (SJRA) in Jim Thorpe held its 4th Annual Duck Derby and children's festival at the Jim Thorpe Sportsmen's Club.

The Club had offered SJRA the use of their facilities and pavilion for kid's games, food, and a bake sale.

About 2,300 plastic ducks that floated down the Mauch Chunk Creek nearby raised $7,300 of which $2,150 went to prizes with the balance going to the support of Saint Joseph Regional Academy.

At the derby's finish line, a special fence and pipe were placed in the creek to catch the ducks at the end of their race down the stream from their drop point.

Volunteers were in the stream at the finish line to make sure that the fence held and to remove all of the ducks from the stream when the race had ended.

Prizes awarded were : 1st prize $1,000; 2nd prize $500; 3rd prize $250; 4th prize $100; and 5th to 10th. prizes were $50 each.