Lehighton Chief of Police Neil Ebbert released the monthly police report of the department for June.

A total of 79 traffic violations were issued during the month. Of them, 53 were for maximum speed limits, five were four driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked, and four each were for restraint systems and the lack of certificate of inspection.

There were 74 parking violation tickets given.

The police investigated 12 accidents, nine of them hit-and-run.

Eight complaints were received for borough code violations. They include three for dogs, two each for abandoned vehicles and burning, and one for parks rules and regulations. Two arrests occurred.

The police made 26 criminal arrests. They investigated 38 offenses. The most frequent criminal offense was public drunkenness, with six complaints and six arrests.

There were 466 calls received to the department during the month.

The police did 114 borough property checks, 56 business checks, and 19 business escorts.

There were 46 citizen assists, 17 domestic complaints, 16 alarms, seven ambulance assists, three fire department assists, two MH/MR commitments, two crossing guard substitutes, one school patrol, one funeral escort, and four 911 hang-up call responses.