Kiddies and teens had a great time on Saturday night at the Lehighton Area Pool Pals Beach Bash Family Fun Day held at Baer Memorial Pool in Lehighton.

The younger children hunted for pennies and caught live goldfish in the baby pool while the older youngsters played football with a greased watermelon in four feet of water. There was also dancing, swim races, and a sweat shirt relay.

Mark Hoffman, president of LAPP, was having a grand time with the children as he dumped pennies in the pool and then let goldfish loose for the children to catch with a paper cup.

Hoffman said that he noticed a lot of new faces in the pool.

"It could have been the price," said Hoffman. "The price was only $1. Maybe that helped bring people out."

Hoffman said that LAPP plan to make the Beach Bash an annual event, plus add more events next year that are similar.

Hoffman said LAPP plan to add more umbrellas at the pool to provide shade pool side.

"They won't be a big as the one we just installed," he said. "But we listen to what people want and that is something they have asked for."

Lehighton Area Pool Pals, in conjunction with Horsehead Community Fund recently added a 20-foot diameter red and white umbrella near the kiddie pool area to provide some shelter for the children and respite for the parents on hot days. HCF donated $2,000 and Pool Pals put $1,849 toward the cost of the umbrella.