Dear Editor:

The local people can't or will not go to Beltzville State Park beach because it is usually overcrowded and unsanitary due to New York and New Jersey residents, as well as surrounding Pennsylvania counties polluting the lake.

I would like to see a small fee imposed on non Carbon and Monroe county residents. On holiday, you cannot even drive down Pohopoco Drive to launch a boat or go to a hiking trail because Pohopoco Drive is so overcrowded with out- of-towners parking illegally.

I am sure the I am one of many who is and has been sick of our beautiful state park being over crowded and in a result becoming infested with E. coli as well as other bacteria. A $5 fee per person would probably reduce this problem significantly. Also would be a source of income to help beautify the park!

Please sign my petition at to make a change for the better for Beltzville Lake State Park! Not to mention any revenue made can be put toward the park to make it nicer and improve it.

Gary Reed II,