A sizable portion of Palmerton residents were rendered without power for several hours on the heels of Saturday's brief storm.

The ferocious barrage passed through the borough just before 6 p.m., and resulted in power outages to about 1,500 homes and businesses, according to borough Manager Rodger Danielson.

Power was restored soon after midnight, said Danielson, who added that the storm resulted in some light litter. There were some heavier branches down in the park that need some attention as well, he said.

However, Danielson said the storm has impacted the borough's water system.

"Right now, we are still doing some pressure pumping and maintaining our water levels by hand," Danielson said. "It did take out some automation of our water system, because the PPL lines supplying that are down."

As a result, Danielson said "so while we are getting power, we aren't getting enough to completely run our system."

Danielson said a call has been placed to PPL, which said the borough is on their list.

"Hopefully, the people haven't noticed any loss in quality or quantity," he said. "The system is working; it just needs to be done manually."