In view of what's happening in the competitive Presidential race across America and in the U.S. Senate race here at home, State Rep. Jerry Knowles today called for an open primary in the race for the 124th House district.

"I welcome healthy competition in every election and today am calling for an open primary to give voters the voice they deserve and the one our Constitution guarantees," Knowles said. "I want Pennsylvania and our Republican Party to be as strong as possible and an open primary right now, this year, makes both of those stronger and healthier.

"I'm extremely proud of my record and excited about taking my message directly to the people I represent. I've faced an opponent in nearly every election - that's the way a democracy should be. Every elected official must be held accountable and competitive elections are one of the best ways to do that."

Knowles is a leader in the State House on reform, helped eliminate $1 billion in wasteful spending from the State budget, voted to reform welfare and curb lawsuit abuse, and is fighting to get government off the backs of small businesses so they can create jobs and grow our economy.

"I welcome the challenge from Republicans, Democrats and Independents in this process," Knowles said. "My record makes it clear I always do what's right for common sense, smaller government to protect taxpayers and job creators. It is this record of action and results people will choose to send back to Harrisburg."