Dear Editor,

God knows who was wrong in the scandal. Joe, it wasn't you.

Joe Paterno wasn't a cop. Cops follow through on supposed crimes that took place at the school. Paterno related to his boss what was told to him. The bottom line is members of the board or other factions had the responsibility to check further.

But what they did was buy a large broom and swept it under the rug. It was very hard for those young men to come forward and I applaud them for it. Paterno was an icon for years and never should have been treated the way he was. No hearing. Just "you are fired."

I am glad so many students, relatives and friends stood by him. If Sandusky is found guilty, I hope his punishment is severe. I also hope the bigwigs at the school realize the possibility that they could have hastened his death. Paterno died from a broken heart. Why did the board have to treat him the way they did? I wonder if they could sleep at night. I hope not. God bless you Joe and all your friends and family!

Richard Fosbenner