Air Supply fans were treated to a grand performance at Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe on Friday night.

During their nearly two hour performance, the Australian soft rock duo of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell shared the best of their music with the appreciative crowd.

The audience continued to clap and cheer after every song, and when the band left the stage to end the show, the audience wanted more. The band then returned to stage for an encore performance of "I'm All of Love."

Hitchcock told the audience it was their first show of 2012. He also noted that Air Supply was celebrating its 37th anniversary.

"Penn's Peak is our favorite venue," said Hitchcock. "We love coming here and being part of Penn's Peak history."

Air Supply formed in Melbourne in 1976 and have released 18 studio albums, nine compliation albums, two live albums and 27 singles, with four albums in the United States going platinum and one going gold.

They opened the show with one of their top hits, "Even the Nights are Better," and then led into Billboard hit "Just as I am," with nearly the entire audience standing and clapping.

Their third song was top single, "Every Woman in the World," followed by "Sweet Dreams."

During the song, "Here I Am," Hitchcock flashed a tatto on his chest, adding that he was "playing memories."

Russell, who writes most of the band's songs, said that the band spends a lot of time in airports, which gives him the time to have "his little moments in the world."

"We all need time to find a place when we can belong," he added.

"We spend an hour and three-quarters in Detroit so when we have time like that, I get into my zone," said Russell. "I invite you to come into my zone."

Russell said that he has no control over the songs he writes. "I don't start out to write love songs, but they all turn out to be love songs."

He introduced the audience to a song, "Everywhere," which he said he wrote in Jerusalem. During the song, the duo walked into the audience, kissing and hugging their fans.

During the song, "Lost in Love," the audience was invited to sing along.

Russell thanked the audience for audience the concert and reminded them to tell their wife, girlfriend or family members that they love them.

For Sue Anthony, the concert was all she had hoped it to be.

"I've been to all of their shows at Penn's Peak. I wouldn't miss them. They put on a good show every time," she said.