Dear Editor:

Let's face it - the President is a figure head.

We have him as a show piece. Congress lets him sign a few bills once in a while. If he wants to veto one Congress can override it. They let him give a party once in a while for foreigners so he can get a photo op.

It's Congress that really runs this country.

So tell me why are there still American kids who don't know if they'll have another meal?

Why are some American kids homeless?

Why is the number of poverty and below poverty families growing?

Congress has the power, why are they playing games?

Tell them when you vote CHANGE THINGS!!!

This country needs to help - even though some don't want to hear it.

Lets worry about this country First before we decide to worry about others.

Once we get straight then we worry about others.

I guess a two month tax break is better than none.

But there are still too many loopholes earmarked for the rich.

I remain,

Robert (Ski) Sesputowski,

Summit Hill