An Allentown man will be cooling his heels in the Schuylkill County prison awaiting trial on a number of criminal charges which were filed after an alleged rampage in Rush Township last Jan. 5.

After a hearing in the county court Senior Judge D. Michael Stine denied reduction of a $25,000 bail imposed by a district judge on Andrew H. Alatore, 24, of 1151 Bulldog Drum Drive.

Charges of theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle, terroristic threats, resisting arrest and failing to give notice of being involved in an accident were filed by Rush Township Sgt. Duane E. Frederick, after a series of events which occurred last Jan. 5.

According to the police report filed in the court, it all began when Alatore is alleged to have stolen a car of Leonard Kufta, Coal Township, while it was parked at the Air Products grounds in Rush Township and then went on a rampage.

He is charged with terrorizing Emery Jacobs on Marian Avenue when he questioned the defendant about tossing garbage onto the streets. He also is charged with striking a sign on Mahanoy Avenue, smashing flower pots on properties on Chestnut Street, driving through a fence onto the football field of Marian Catholic High School and doing several laps around the field, and after leaving the scene crashed the stolen car.

Other defendants

Jason Bankes, 18, 322 Hazle St., Tamaqua, had his bail reduced from $25,000 to $15,000 unsecured bail.

Stine also imposed special conditions with the bail. The defendant shall reside at 37 Forrest Avenue, Barnesville, and shall not relocate, other than residence in an inpatient rehab facility, without prior approval of court and if the defendant enters a rehab center he has to immediately notify the court. He must submit to random drug tests and shall undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation.

Bankes was cited last Feb. 8 and charged with burglary of the pro shop at the White Birch Golf Club, Barnesville, and theft of lottery tickets.

Tysheed L. Hargrove, 18, of 871 Vine St., Hazleton, withdrew his petition for reduction of bail and it remains at $100,000. He was cited last Feb. 5 and faces charges of receiving stolen property, a handgun, and carrying a firearm without a license.