Tamaqua Police responded to the intersection of Penn and Oak streets around 8:30 Friday morning after the driver of a blue Ford pickup truck struck and toppled a fire hydrant. The driver, Harold Bachert of Tamaqua, said the brake pedal of his truck was stuck. Tamaqua Borough officials responded and removed the hydrant from under Bachert's truck. No injuries were reported. Tamaqua Police Officer Matt Houser is investigating. The damaged hydrant was a dry barrel hydrant, which gets its name from the fact that water is drained or pumped from the barrel when the hydrant is not in use. Dry barrel hydrants are pressurized and drained through the workings of a main valve located in the base of the hydrant. When the main valve is opened, the barrel is pressurized. When the main valve is closed the barrel drains. The main valve is located below the normal frost line to protect the hydrant from freezing. This type of hydrant may be used almost anywhere, but is especially suited to areas where freezing weather occurs, such as Pennsylvania.