Nine students from Our Lady of the Angels Academy, Lansford, were recently named "Students of the Month" for January. They were selected because they exhibited the virtue of self control. The following are quotes from each student.

Elijah Feisel (Kindergarten): "I behave in school and I also help people. I always try to be the best boy I can be."

Ryli McGorry (first grade): "I use self control in school and at home. I help my classmates and I play fair."

Sadie Trubilla (second grade): "I do what I am told. I do not tease my classmates. I do not complain. I do my best."

Jacob Shelton (third grade): "I treat everyone with respect and treat them the way I would want to be treated. I learn from my mistakes and complete work that is given to me."

Colin Rehnert (fourth grade): "I try to do the right thing and do not complain. I am satisfied with what I have. If I make a mistake I learn from it and move on. "

Seth Feisel (fifth grade): "I don't laugh at things that are not funny and I always try to be the best person I can be. I always respect my teacher and I am always kind to my friends. I do not brag when I get something."

Joshua Jurick (sixth grade): "I am satisfied with what I have and don't complain."

Nicholas Maruschak (seventh grade): "I do not brag or show anger and I show a good sense of humility to everyone."

Samantha McCarthy (eighth grade): "I take school seriously and I don't make fun of any of my classmates when they are corrected."