The market value of the Schuylkill County Employees Retirement Fund surpassed the one hundred million mark it was reported by Controller Christy Joy at the monthly meeting of the retirement board held Wednesday at the courthouse in Pottsville.

Joy reported the market value as of Wednesday was $101,372,701.02. The record is $103 million.

During the month of January five members received annuities totaling $1,118,621.30, including three county officials who retired, Commissioner Mantura Gallagher, $107,499.40; Commissioner Francis McAndrew, $137,035.33; and Prothonotary Peter J. Symons, $177,743.31.

Two members requested rollovers of $109,591.35 and two members pased away with a remaining annuity in the amount of $18.97.

Members of the retirement board are Commissioners Frank Staudenmeier, George Halcovage and Gary Hess, Joy and Treasurer Jacqueline McGovern.