Gayle Heath takes her rock collecting very seriously.

You can see this if you stop by her collection temporarily on display at the Tamaqua Public Library.

A small portion of her vast collection of rocks, stones, agates and various artifacts can be seen as you enter the library.

Heath stated that her collecting started since she was a kid, and grew as she discovered beautifully colored and shaped stones during past trips to Lake Superior.

As a matter of fact, her entire collections was gathered from trips to Lake Superior, which she stated is exactly 1,000 traveling miles from Tamaqua.

Some of her collecting minerals on display consist of quartz, chert, agate, jasper, chlorite, epidote, prehnite and calcite.

Rock and stones on display include basalts, gabbro, porphyry, slate, rhyolite, granite, gneiss, sandstone, conglomerate, shale and limestone.