Dear Editor:

We are residents of Bear Creek Lakes in Penn Forest Township and would like to voice our opposition to the Navitat Zip Line on the Deitrich property in Bear View, Jim Thorpe, PA. The thought of a commercial attraction that needs to use Behrens Road which is lined with residential properties to get to the ONLY access road to the Zip Line, Bear Creek Drive (also residential), proposes all sorts of safety issues and is unfair to all the residential developments in the area.

With more people and commercial enterprises comes more problems…more traffic, more supply trucks, more noise, more trash, pollution, major safety concerns (especially for emergency medical and fire issues), crime, natural habitats being invaded, wildlife being threatened, and property values going down!

Hoping the Planning Board Members of Penn Forest Township will strive to keep this area as pristine, quiet, and natural as possible for the sake of its residents and all the wildlife in the area.


Meg Nelson

Glenn Nelson

Bear Creek Lakes

Penn Forest Township