McAdoo Chief of Police Jeffrey Wainwright reminds residents that despite the current weather, it is "Snow Ban" season.

This year snow ban parking will be the even numbered sides of the street.

The snow ban will be placed into effect when snow or ice is predicated to accumulate three to five inches.

When extreme conditions, six inches of snow/ice or special circumstances are declared, there will be a parking ban on all designated snow emergency routes.

Parking will also be banned on both sides on all alleys and secondary streets, as well as the west side of S. Hancock Street, from Sherman Street to Kelayres Road; north side of W. Grant Street, from Manning to Logan streets; north side of E. Jackson, from Kennedy Drive to Cleveland Street; west side of N. Lincoln from E. Blaine to E. Grant Street; E. Washington Street; the helicopter landing zone from S. Lincoln to the railroad tracks.

Violators will be subject to a $50 fine.

Wainwright also stresses that residents and/or hired contractors are prohibited from plowing snow back into the streets or alleys and from piling snow in the streets, near or over fire hydrants, storm drains or intersections.

Snow must be removed by either being deposited on the owner's property or hauled away from the borough.

Violators will be subject to $100 fines, which may be imposed by the police department or the code enforcement officer.