A spa and skin care center in Palmerton is now certified in oncology skin care.

Tricia Schaefer, owner/spa director of True Spa and Skin Care Center, recently earned her certification as an oncology skin care specialist

That means Schaefer now has the ability to treat clients skin care who are going through cancer therapy.

"One of the most important things is no one knows what's going to happen to the skin," Schaefer said. "We want to educate people how to treat their skin, whether it be through a product over the counter, or something we offer."

However, Schaefer noted "we don't diagnose anything; we just treat the conditions."

Schaefer said Lindi Skin, skincare for life, is a product line the business offers to clients.

"We deal with this product line because not only is it non-toxic, it offers them solutions," she said. "I've been meeting cancer clients that would ask me questions about their skin, and I thought I needed to get more in tuned with that."

Schaefer added "we're the only skin care center and spa in the Lehigh Valley that will be offering skin care services for our customers."

"It brings me back to why I'm into skin care," she said. "We're offering relief in a very affordable way."

But, Schaefer stressed "this is not a money-making field; it's caring for that delicate skin in an extreme time."

Schaefer's daughter, Jazmin, a cosmetologist and oncology skin care specialist, said "it's just being able to help people about what they don't know."

Schaefer added "the customers are just thankful we can offer them relief either here, or through over the counter."

"It's about distressing your body, mind and spirit; and I think you feel better," she said. "When your skin feels better, you feel better."

Schaefer said her business offers free consultations, or customers can come in and schedule an appointment.

"Every person's care is individualized," she said. "Everything is real personalized and customized to their needs."

For more information, call (610) 826-4900, visit truspa.net, or visit them on Facebook.