Teamwork and continuity are the hallmarks of any successful entity.

That stellar combination was in full effect as classes got off to a fluid start in the Northern Lehigh School District on Monday.

Aside from a few glitches here and there, the first day of school was a rousing success, according to Superintendent Michael Michaels.

"I was in three of the four buildings yesterday, and the high school, Peters Elementary, and Slatington Elementary looked great," Michaels said. "I watched the kids arrive at the middle school, and it was wonderful; everyone had smiles on their faces and were happy, and the kids seemed ready to get back."

While attendance and transportation were sound, those matters were still being worked out, said Michaels, who added that the actual number of students likely won't be known for another week as more families continue to move into the district.

Specifically, Michaels lauded the new bus loop in front of Slatington Elementary, whereby walkers are dropped off in front of the building, with the bus drop in the back of the building.

"That is a huge, huge positive," he said. "It is so much safer, not having cars interspersing with the big yellow buses."

Michaels said the organization of the pupils as they got off their buses at Peters Elementary was tremendous, while there were but only a few scheduling problems at the high school.

The families, students, and teachers went above and beyond to ensure the first day was a success, Michaels said.

"The big thing was just how positive everything was here," he said. "This district really knows how to do it."