Dear Editor:

Last week Judge Simpson ruled that obtaining a photo I.D. does not impose an unconstitutional burden on voters. His opinion spoke of two remedies. He said people without photo I.D. could vote by absentee ballot or vote by provisional ballot.

Under Pennsylvania law you can request an absentee ballot for one of two reasons: first, you will be absent from your voting precinct on the day of the election. Second, you have a medical condition that precludes you from voting in person. That's it. You can't vote by absentee ballot for convenience. If you do, you can be charged with voter fraud. In today's climate I can see that happening, and Judge Simpson's ruling hasn't changed that. I wonder if he even looked at the application for an absentee ballot.

As for voting by provisional ballot, yes, you can. You will then have five days to produce a photo I.D. This is a process that now takes weeks.

Perhaps the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will act, but I have very little faith in what is an amazingly politicized judicial system.

Roy Christman,

Towamensing Township