A Mahoning Valley 4-H Community Club Round Up was held recently at St. John Church, Mahoning Valley, to allow 4-H youngsters the opportunity to show off their summer projects.

The event had dozens of projects on display, and was highlighted by a fashion show that featured a formal dress and pajamas hand-sewn by the club members. Youngsters also showed off rag quilts, tote bags and travel kits they had sewed..

Ribbons were awarded in nine different categories. The judging is not the same as that which occurred at the Carbon Fair. There were wood burning, with leader, Jennifer Boyle; butterflies, leader, Shannon Frycklund and Robert Frycklund; baskets, Sandy Palinchak; scrapbooking, Vickie Malloy; baking (quick breads), Courtney Everett; gardening, Kay Gilbert; entomology, Yvette Sharrow; sewing, Anne Yenser, leader; and assistants, Jan Wentz, John Kennedy, Olive Haupt and Alyssa Schoch; and quilting projects, Julie Harris.

Jennifer Boyle said that the butterfly project was actually a lot more involved than originally thought. She said that the painted lady butterflies were diseased so the project was changed to Monarch butterflies. She said that the project began with eggs, which had to be taken care of until the final stage when they became butterflies. She said the students had to feed the caterpillars until they shed its skin and encased its body in a chrysalis and hatched into a beautiful Monarch butterfly.

Riley Schaeffer, president of the Mahoning Valley 4-H Community Club, said the round up allows members to fine tune their projects for fair judging.

About 75 people, including members, leaders, parents, and the general public, attended the event.

Schaeffer said of the round up, "The kids in the club showcase the projects that they worked on this summer."

Projects were on display at the Carbon Fair in Palmerton.

Members of the club are between the ages of 8 and 18.