An open house was held over the weekend for an oil painter's art gallery on display at Stonehedge Gardens in South Tamaqua.

The gallery includes about a dozen works of art done by artist Susan Trainer of Lehighton.

Trainer began her college years as a Biology major. In 1979, after visiting the Mayan ruins in Mexico, she returned to school and changed her major to art. "The focus of my formal art training revolved around the medium of light and it was many years later that I utilized paint as my main medium," said Trainer.

Several of the oil paintings hung in this show were begun in the 1980's and were only recently completed. Trainer added, "Most of my paintings transform and develop through series and segments of such series are displayed in this collection."

Also performing as part of the gallery open house was Lady C and the Boys band; which consisted of Colleen Gallagher of Nazareth, Habeeb "DJ" Dosunmu of Allentown and Jim Wolfe of Palmerton.

"Stonehedge Gardens is a very beautiful and special place; an inspiration in itself as I have begun to use it as a site for plein air painting" said Trainer. 'Within this open-air style, my paintings have taken on a certain spontaneity."

For more information about Stonehedge Gardens, a non-profit organization located at 51 Dairy Road, or to donate or volunteer, goto [1] or call (570) 386-4276. Tracy Perry, board president, stressed that the gardens are open free to the public 365 days a year.