Shoppers were in their glory as they sauntered from one vendor to the other.

Sales certainly appeared to be on the rise as wayfarers jammed downtown Palmerton on Thursday for the borough's 41st annual Sidewalk Sale.

About a dozen businesses filled tables with their respective wares in the hopes that customers would find plenty of items to their liking.

For the regulars who attend, the sale represents comfort and familiarity; for others, it's an opportunity to find that hidden treasure and perhaps rekindle old friendships.

JoAnn Papay and her daughter, Ashleigh Papay, of Palmerton, said they make it a point to attend the sale each year.

"We've come here since she's little," JoAnn Papay said. "She said 'we have to come get french fries and shop.'"

Just up the block, Shirley Fister, of Walnutport, paged through some books outside Reading Escapades at 224 Delaware Avenue.

Employee Chris Hewatt said the prospects appeared bright for a successful endeavor.

"It's a great day for it; the weather's nice," Hewatt said. "Hopefully, it brings out a good crowd."

Fran Carazo, of Palmerton, was among the litany of regulars to swing on through.

At one point, Carazo scanned over the dresses on display outside V.K. Bridal Couture at 252 Delaware Avenue.

"I come for the bargains," Carazo said. "Sometimes, you run into people you haven't seen in a while, and get to catch up."

The sale continues today from 9 a.m. 8 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to closing.