The Palmerton Area Library had some four-legged page-turners visit. Long, tall and sleek, Comet, Clipper, Wiki and Kelso charmed everyone in the library when they arrived. Patient and affectionate, they appeared to enjoy all the petting by children and adults.

Shawn and Nina Green of Palmerton brought their beautiful greyhounds, Comet (a Tuxedo, age 4) and Clipper (a Tick, age 4) and Tina Stout of Danielsville brought her greyhounds, Wiki (a Fawn, age 7) and Kelso (a Brindle, age 5). By taking the dogs out to various functions, they try to educate people and get the word out about fostering and adopting these former racers and Greyhound Rescue.

Shawn read "A Greyhound's Tale-Running for Glory, Walking for Home" written by Craig Pierce and illustrated by Tony Santiago. It tells the story of how a racing champion greyhound, Gator, dreams of having a home with his own yard and people to love and what happens when he gets his wish.

Shawn then talked a little about what a greyhound's life if like as a racer and how it is such a drastic change for such a dog when he is adopted.

He gave out some interesting facts about greyhounds, like:

*they are the second oldest breed of dogs known

*they are very fast, reaching speeds up to 40 mph (only the cheetah is faster.)

*they're "big couch potatoes" says Shawn, sleeping 16-18 hours a day

*require several walks a day

*quite mellow ..."gentle giants" and they don't bark much.

*they love to play with "stuffies"

*they have a keen sense of sight, can see up to 1/2 mile away, must be on a leash or in a fenced yard at all times outside.

*come in many colors

*have delicate skin

*begin racing at 18 months old, mandatory retirement is at six years old

*life span is about 12 years

"They make great companions," says Shawn.

And great reading companions, too.