Dear Editor:

While I was watching T.V. and all the negative ads, a thought came to me. What if all negative ads were banned. Will all political races end or will those running tell us why we should vote for them? It would be really different.

Also it would really be nice if Congress and the President got along. This has been on of the worst four years of administration I can remember with a do nothing congress that only does things when its election time. Don't you think this country deserves better then what we've gotten?

Let's cut the garbage. We know taxes must be raised. We know loop holes must be closed. We know we have problems. We know there are kids in this country that go to bed hungry. We know there are too many homeless people. We know too many people are out of work.

Politicians have to stop trying to get even. They must do what they're elected to do.

Let's give them shorter terms and make EVERYONE, including the rich pay the same percentage on taxes and close the loop holes.

I remain,

Robert (Ski) Siesputosski,

Summit Hill