Dear Editor:

Oh, Mr. Urban - how wrong you are about "Bet there's not a clothes line in the entire TIMES NEWS circulation area!"

Did you ever travel around Towamensing and Lower Towamensing Townships? Several people hang clothes outside on nice days.

I don't own a dryer, so I hang clothes outside when it's nice – the breeze helps "iron" the shirts and fluff the towels!

When it's not nice enough outside, I have an enclosed porch to hang things where they they can dry. Even if they hang out there for a couple of days, it's OK. I just plan ahead.

Of course, I also have a line right in the kitchen (where we have a wood stove), and items dry pretty quickly there – plus it adds moisture to the air! I grew up in a house without a dryer.

We used to drape clothes over chairs, etc., near the hot air vents when things needed to dry quickly (like gloves and boots during the winter) so we could go outside again.

We used clothes props when I was little, but don't need them now because our outside lines are tied high up in the trees, with a pulley to send the clothes back and forth. And the best part is that dryers use a lot of electricity - our drying is free!

So you lose that bet!

John Vegetabile

Still drying

the "green" wayin Little Gap