Plans are under way for Chestnuthill Township to celebrate its 250th anniversary. Established in September of 1763, Chestnuthill Township has enjoyed a long and prosperous history.

Recently members of supervisors' boards and historical societies of the four townships in the Pleasant Valley School District, Chestnuthill, Ross, Polk and Eldred, held a meeting to begin plans for a yearlong celebration. At one time, these townships were all a part of Chestnuthill Township.

Norman Burger, president of the Polk and Chestnuthill historical societies, led the meeting. He suggested that each township and each historical society should select a director for a board of directors.

Officers were appointed. Burger is president, Dave Fleetwood is vice president and Janet Johnson is secretary. At this time, there is no treasurer.

Burger said he'd like to see a banner made for the anniversary so it could be displayed at community functions. It was suggested that perhaps there could be a logo contest for it.

Some of the suggested possible activities for the celebration would be to write a commemorative book, a parade, a concert, a carnival and other tie-ins with other West End events such as the West End Fair.

It is hoped that civic, social, religious organizations and commercial businesses within the community will participate.

Burger said that he will see that letters will be sent to all the local and state politicians and organizations, asking for their participation and for volunteers.

The next scheduled meeting for the celebration committee is on Thursday, April 19 at 7 p.m. at Chestnuthill Township municipal building on Rt. 715, Brodheadsville and open to anyone who would like to serve on the committees. If you have any questions, please call Burger at 610-681-7561.