Lowe's Home Improvement Center opened along Route 443 in Lehighton last week and with an increased traffic flow on the two-lane highway, there was more interest than ever to see the concrete barriers gone.

The concrete barriers were placed there by PennDOT workers last fall because the shoulder of the road was possibly in danger of collapsing. They were put near the intersection of Ashtown Road.

After complaints about the danger they posed at the intersection, a portion of Ashtown Road was closed to public traffic.

The barriers are located between Lowe's and Wal-Mart, the two largest businesses along the highway, located about a half-mile from each other.

According to PennDOT workers, the barriers will be gone by the end of the week, possibly as early as Wednesday, weather permitting.

Workers said that the shoulder is being dug down 21 inches and will be filled in with subbase and overlaid with 15-1/2 inches of blacktop. The shoulder will be widened to eight feet wide.

Also a section of Route 443 in the same vicinity as the barriers is being resurfaced as part of this Mahoning Township road project.