Reiki Master Dave Gutkowski, owner of Body and Soul Holistic Arts, is featured speaker in the second of a fall lecture series presented at the Summit Hill Heritage Center this Friday, Sept. 23, at 7 p.m.

Gutkowski will discuss his personal journey of discovery which led him to Council Rock Mountain, a piece of property in Northeastern Pennsylvania on which he discovered an ancient archaeological site that preliminary research indicates may date back to 1825 BC and was used up through 125 BC.

"The site was undocumented until the last few years when it was discovered and researched," said Gutkowski in an interview. "I believe the site is similar in purpose to Stonehenge in England in that it seems to have some astronomical characteristics that are quite unlikely to have happened by chance."

Gutkowski said one aspect of the site is it accurately predicts the equinoxes and solstices through observation of the sunrise, much like Stonehenge and other archaeoastronomical sites.

What is unusual about this site is its apparent age and its location in the remote mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Some theorize it is possibly an ancient Native American holy ground or some type of pre-Columbus colony established and forgotten long ago in the wilderness.

Gutkowski describes the incredible way he happened to discover the property and its secrets, what it means to ancient peoples and what it could teach us about ourselves today. He said the more study that is done on-site the more intriguing and fascinating things are learned about it.

The lecture will include a multimedia slide show illustrating and demonstrating the incredible characteristics of this now-registered site and its spectacular effects during the solstices and equinoxes.

Gutkowski is a retired postmaster and local business owner of a ministorage business as well as the owner of his own healing arts business. He believes his study of energy and its healing powers led him to discover this incredible site in the mountains of northeastern PA.

The lecture is free but all donations benefit the Heritage Center building fund.

For more information, please call David at (570) 657-0792. The Heritage Center is located at 1 W. Hazard Street in Summit Hill.