It's been said a home is the most important investment a person can make.

Which is why it makes only perfect sense for a homeowner to want to take the necessary steps to enhance the value of their home.

With over 25 years of experience, that's where Professional Landscape Associates of Schnecksville comes into play to offer its expertise.

Owned by Andrew J. Brennan and Priscilla D. Brennan, the entity has been chosen as Business of the Month by the Greater Northern Lehigh Chamber of Commerce.

Priscilla Brennan, Master of Arts, Landscape Design, said she and her husband Andrew believe the achievement was "wonderful."

"I think the local chambers do a great job, and I think it's because their people focus on these different businesses," Priscilla said. "It's about value in the area, communities, and bringing communities together."

Priscilla credited the Chamber for its doing its part to promote the local businesses in the area.

"They're trying to stay local," she said. "We believe it's important to support your local businesses."

Neatly nestled on 15 acres of land at 6461 Church Road in Heidelberg Township, the landscape design and building company has been in operation since 1986, and works on individual customized designs, as well as a variety of plantings such as hardscape, lighting, water gardens, and maintenance of gardens.

In today's harsh economic climate, Priscilla said it's important for customers to spend their money wisely.

"In this economy, there are many ebbs and flows," she said. "People are looking longer term, and it's changing the way people spend their money."

Priscilla said it's essential for customers to maintain their landscape's look.

"It's important to plan before you plant," she said. "Ongoing maintenance is equally as important".

Priscilla said she makes it a point to visit with customers at their homes. Afterward, she then brings them to the office to review the design and observe examples of the plantings and various work that can be done.

"We're intricately involved in the implementation aspect," she said. "I'm there physically on the job, which adds my sense of detail and follow through."

A dollar spent on professional landscaping can double or triple in resale value, Priscilla said.

"We believe in staying small because it stays more manageable," she said. "Our property is a lot what sells us."

Priscilla said there's nothing quite as important as an interest in living.

"Your property and home should always be marketable," she said. "Along with the privacy factor from planting, these are values that are forever, and there's no dollar value on that."

Professional Landscape Associates accepts appointments only. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The business may be contacted at (610) 767-6636; email [1], or online at