Calling all ice cream fanatics!

Kids and adults who have an affinity for the classic dessert are encouraged to participate in a local Ice Cream Sundae Eating Contest.

Located at 289 Delaware Avenue, Claude's Creamery in Palmerton will hold its annual Ice Cream Sundae Eating Contest starting at 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5.

There will be two contests divided by age: Kids/Teen, 12 to 17 years of age, at 1 p.m., and Adults, ages 18-and-over, at 1:30 p.m.

Those in the 12-17 age bracket will be served six scoops of ice cream, while those ages 18-and-over will be served 12 scoops.

The winners from each category will receive a $100 Claude's Creamery Gift Card, according to Cassie Borrell, manager.

"We figured it was the time of year where we're slowing down, and to try to let them know we're still here," Borrell said. "Summer was crazy; we were really, really busy."

Borrell said an entry form must be signed by all participants. Parents or legal guardians must sign granting consent for their child to participate, while a parent or legal guardian must accompany and supervise participants under 18 years of age, she said. A valid driver's license will be needed for all participants 18-and-over.

There will be a maximum of 10 contestants for this contest; five in the Kids/Teen category, and five in the adult category, Borrell said. A lottery drawing will determine the 10 participants, and all individuals interested in participating must enter at Claude's Creamery, she said. There may be only one entry per person, and participants will be selected randomly.

Contestants may choose their flavors, but are limited to Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry or a combination, Borrell said. The object of this competition is to eat all of the ice cream and in the fastest time, as the winner will be determined as the first to finish all their ice cream.

Contestants may eat either sitting or standing in their designated area using only a spoon. Each contestant will be provided with water during the competition.

Contestants must wait for the starting signal to begin eating and may not touch any ice cream before the starting signal.

When the first contestant finishes all of their ice cream, including melted ice cream, an ending signal will be made. All Contestants must stop eating at the ending signal.

Contestants may not put additional ice cream in their mouths after the ending signal, but will be allowed 15 seconds to swallow any ice cream already in their mouth. If a contestant vomits or regurgitates at any point during the competition, that contestant is disqualified.

Contestants must keep the ice cream down for two minutes after the ending signal. Failure to do so will disqualify the contestant. If the first to finish is disqualified, the contest will restart for those that are not disqualified. If all are disqualified, there will be no winner.

Judges will be on hand to assure adherence to contest rules, tally ice cream eaten, monitor the no vomiting rule, and to disqualify contestants who fail to adhere to the rules.

Winners will be determined based having eaten all their ice cream in the fastest time.

In the event of a tie, after a brief interval, an "Eat-off" will take place until a winner is selected.

Starting before the start signal; eating after the ending signal; vomiting; and rules violations are all grounds for disqualification.

For more information, contact Claude's Creamery at (610) 826-2663.