The Parkview Inn in Summit Hill has planned a Halloween celebration.

"Vampire's Last Bite," a comedy, murder, mystery, dinner show will be staged on Oct. 29.

Count Vlad Dracula has gathered a group of vampires to his lair for a very special meeting. He is concerned about the modern day vampire image being reduced to cartoons, puppets, and teenage sex symbols.

The Prince of Darkness wants to regain control by terrorizing all humans publicly and forcing them to vampire servitude. In order to do this, he must call upon all vampires.

Count Dracula can always rely on his bloodless servant, Renfield, to do his bidding.

Or can he?

His estranged son, Lagossi Bella, shows up and is not a welcome sight to Dracula. The plain 16th centurn vampire, Miss Mina, will protect him to the very end. The vixen, Elvira Vampira, has come to the emeting to deduce her way into become "The Countess Dracula."

However, there is another that may be his bride....A human. Frau Von Helsing has the one thing Dracula loves more than blood. Money.

In a room full of vampires, it is just a matter of time before the fanging begins.

There is dark humor, but the event is appropriate for all ages.

Costumes are welcome and there will be prizes.

For more information, phone the Parkview at 570-645-3555. Advance tickets are required.