Dear Editor

I will never read your newspaper again and I will list the three reasons.

1) I get so sick and tired of seeing photos and reading stories about Toys for Tots. When I was a child my parents worked and bought us our gifts, people today are lazy, on welfare and want handouts. People are too lazy to work.

2) You have many reporters, yet I am so sick of seeing almost every story and photo in your paper is by Andrew Leibenguth. You should rename your newspaper, The Daily Andrew Leibenguth. You worship him like God.

3) Finally, every Saturday you have in letters to the editor. I am so sick and tired of the same person I remain Robert (Ski) Sieputuski, from Summit Hill, explaining about something every week. I am so sick of his complaining. If he thinks he is so perfect, why doesn't he run for president. All he does is complain. Why doesn't he get a life.

An ex-reader,

Kris Moyer, 201 E. Broad St., Tamaqua