Michael Raposo, 22, of 35 W. Ridge St., Lansford, faces charges after an incident which took place at 3 a.m. April 30 at Turkey Hill. A retail theft charge was filed by Lansford Det./Sgt. Jack Soberick. According to an affidavit of probable cause, here's what happened:

Soberick was called to the store on a report of a shoplifter who was lingering outside. He spoke with the clerk, who told Soberick he had seen the male who was standing outside pick up and conceal packages of potato chips and nuts, then leave the store without paying for them.

Soberick recognized the male as Raposo. He approached Raposo and asked where the items were that he had just taken. Raposo produced the merchandise he had been hiding. The items totaled $5.29.

Raposo was taken to the police station and cited. Soberick noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath, so he was taken home.

Police did a routine criminal history check, which revealed that Raposo has one prior conviction for retail theft. Since it was his second offense, and the amount of merchandise totaled less than $150, Soberick withdrew the citation and charged Raposo.