A simple clip of a coupon truly can go a long way.

Just ask members of the Palmerton National Junior Honor Society, who have collected enough coupons to be sent to Support Our Troops in Texas.

Brock Moyer, president of the PNJHS, said the group thought the project would have a positive impact on our troops.

"We wanted to help the troops in some way," Brock said. "So we clipped coupons because they can use them, and it saves them money."

Superintendent Carol Boyce, who spearheaded the project after she read an article in another newspaper publication, said over $38,000 have been collected in coupons to date.

"I thought that would be something easy to do; here's something the kids can do," Boyce said. "Pretty soon, it was a deluge."

Boyce said it's great to see the students participate in such a service-oriented project.

"I sent an email out to all staff, with the challenge that if we did that without too much trial and tribulation, we should go for over $100,000," she said.

Brad Landis, PNJHS adviser, said the group has been extremely proactive in the project.

"They've been working very hard; I've been very pleased with their dedication," Landis said. "They've been clipping, adding, sorting, and have done a really great job so far."

Boyce said anyone who would like to contribute toward the cost of postage, or drop coupons off, may do so at the closest school building to them. She noted they must be manufacturer's coupons, only.