The parking lot of a truck stop was closed this morning in Kidder Township after a tractor trailer clipped off a utility pole, causing a chain effect with wires and other poles surrounding the site.

The incident began at 5:30 a.m. when the operator of a rig was attempting to back in next to the Fuel One Truck Stop at the intersection of SR534 and I-80. The rig knocked down a pole sitting out away from the structure.

The leaning pole caused several wires to hang just feet from the surface of the lot. Several other tractor trailers attempting to leave the business came in contact with the wires, ripping several other utility poles out of the ground and bringing down other wires surrounding the lot.

One of the wires being pulled wrapped around a dumpster, knocking it over, while several other wires leading to the diesel fuel pumps destroyed the pumps.

Kidder township police are investigating the incident.