Retired U.S. Airman William Gaddes wrote a poem for the dedication Sunday of the Soldier's Cross in the Veteran Memorial Garden in Coaldale. Gaddes designed the garden, on Third Street.

The Cross, sculpted by Andrew Chernak of Springfield, Delaware County, completes the project.

Here is Gaddes' poem:

The Battlefield or Soldier's Cross

I am made of bronze, the "Soldier's Cross,"

I signify a tragic loss.

As I look down, I see a star,

the name of one who died on shores afar.

I also see some stars of gold,

fifty three in all, I am told.

Below the names: Mary, Helen, Ann,

loving; as only a mother can.

The precious mothers who daily pray,

"please keep my child from harm's way."

As night's approach with its dark veil,

I'll keep my vigil without fail.

And when the son's new day shall rise,

they'll meet their boys in paradise.