Because of the downward spiral of the economy, volunteers for RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) are needed more than ever to help provide much needed services in Carbon County.

At present and during this past winter, several Carbon County families have experienced or are experiencing homelessness. Family Promise of Carbon County is a nonprofit and nondenominational organization that is trying to help these families based on the support of volunteers and host congregations.

RSVP is helping by seeking volunteers who can help make this wonderful and much needed community resource available to this county's homeless families.

Volunteers can provide a variety of services: cooking and serving meals, playing with children or helping them with homework and staying overnight. Help is also needed to help with upcoming fundraisers so that Family Promise can become and stay a reality in our county.

Volunteer training for volunteers of Family Promise will be in the near future.

Call (610) 377-2021or e-mail [1] for more information.