The Panther Valley Elementary School has announced the recipients of the Student of the Month Awards for February and March 2011. Certificates of Achievement were presented in each classroom, grades 1-5. In addition, each student received a Super Kid Magnet and a meal coupon from McDonald's. Students realize that it is a very special achievement and strive to achieve this recognition.

February Students of the Month are: Grade one: Zander Bauer, Makayla Weaver, Caleb Moser, Benjamin Kindt, Leona Bower, Haley McLaughlin and Ryan Welsh. Grade two: Isyss Javier, Molly Jones, Robert Stempa, Dylan Robinson, Logan Polak, Louis Clouser and Milena Perez. Grade three: Donivan Dailey, Sabrina Hicks, Brianna Cabrera, Lyddia Malaska, Ryan Paton, Rowan Bain and Andrew Surotchak. Grade four: Molly Williams, Kylia Schietrum, Trey Turner, Rachel Strohl, Kimberly Cimerol and Theofilas Adalis. Grade five: Michelle Refsnider, Maddalena Ciufo, Alyssa Buss, Tonia Whitaker, Gabrielle Hicks and Bryan Doutt.

March Students of the Month are: Grade one: Alexia Williams, Matthew Prudente, Jessica Cabrera, De'Antay Alston, Emily Shook, David Hill and Kayla Kibler. Grade two: Jonathan Byers, Jaiden Cesanek, Tiana Montesrin, Kaitlin Sturdik, Kourtney Pilla, Joshua Napolitano and Kristen Nunemacher. Grade three: Rebecca Miller, Megan Pascoe, Alex Kattner, Angel Stilitino, Lacey Blasko, Kyanna Dilliard and Taylor Cichon. Grade four: Ayanna Haluska, Michael Berger, Hailey Henninger, Emilee Kwaak, Wyatt Zimmerman and Robert Oswald. Grade Five: David Bowman, Alyssa Schultz, Tanner Kennedy, Kaleyia Polanco, Gabrielle Hicks and Rhiannon Miletto. Miss Forbes' class: Connor Taylor. Mrs. Peters' class: Caroline Velez.