Carbon County Action Committee for Human Services offers an Adult Homemaker Assistance Program. The program provides in-home assistance to income eligible Carbon County residents (ages 18-59) who are disabled or recovering from a recent hospital stay or injury and have no one else available and/or capable of assisting with the care of their home or personal needs. Services are provided for the purpose of ensuring safe and sanitary conditions and may include:

* Light housekeeping assistance

* Laundry assistance

* Shopping assistance

* Occasional caretaker relief for the person regularly providing care to an eligible disabled individual requiring 24 hour care; or

* Instructional care to an eligible individual who is functionally capable, but lacks basic home care and/or home management knowledge or skills.

Carbon County residents (aged 18 to 59) who meet specific income and need-related requirements are eligible for the program. Program income eligibility guidelines are: Size of family and family income: one person, $27,075; two people, $36,425; three people, $45,775; four people, $55,125; five people, $64,475; and for each addition person, $9,350.

Some income exclusion may apply. Anyone in need of assistance or requiring more information, Contact the Carbon County Action Committee office at (610) 377-6400 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Adult homemaker services are made possible through the Pa DPW Human Services Development Fund with support of Pa. DIED Community Services Block Grant Funds.