The jury in the murder trial of Julius C. Enoe, 32, of Reading, charged with fatally shooting Bruce L. Forker, of Shenandoah, returned to the Schuylkill County courthouse in Pottsville this morning to resume deliberating for the third day to reach a verdict.

The jury first retired Friday after it deliberated until after midnight before Judge Jacqueline Russell, the trial judge, allowed them to go home for the weekend. They returned Monday at 8:30 a.m. but did not resume deliberating until around 11 a.m. as Russell met in chambers with District Attorney James P. Goodman, who is prosecuting the case, and Public Defender Robert J. Kirwan II, of Reading, representing Enoe.

Around 8:30 p.m. Monday the jury was again allowed to go home and was back this morning.

It is a difficult case for the jury to reach a verdict as the Commonwealth is asking to find Enoe guilty of murder in the first degree while the defense is seeking an aquittal.

The difficulty is the Commonwealth only has the testimony of two other men who were involved in the botched burglary which resulted in the murder of Forker. The two witnesses said Enoe fired the fatal shot.

Jahmal Oliverre, his nephew, testified he and his uncle entered the premises to commit a burglary and that his uncle had the gun and he shot Forker. Damon Ennett who testified he joined the two men when they reached Shenandoah corroborated Oliverre's story. The defendant denied he was at the scene or knew the victim.

Late Friday evening the jurors engaged in a shouting match and their voices could be heard through the walls of the deliberating room out in the hallway. Monday afternoon again voices could be heard being raised.