On March 10, Jim Thorpe Area School District was assessed by a monitor from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Federal Programs. The monitor looked into whether the district's federal grant programs are in compliance with federal law. Jim Thorpe is waiting for official word if they were in compliance with the grant guidelines.

"Once every three years we are required to participate in a monitoring visit from the Pennsylvania Department for Education, Division of Federal Programs," said Jeff James, Federal Programs and Curriculum Coordinator at JTASD.

"They are looking to ensure that we are in compliance with federal law and they hope to avoid possible audit exceptions," he said.

JTASD first completed a self assessment of their grant programs. Afterwards, a monitor met with district personnel, parents, and students. The monitor also visits and observes classrooms.

The monitor looks into whether the programs are in compliance with ARRA (stimulus funds) guidelines. The monitor also looks to see if the school is in compliance with No Child Left Behind Act guidelines such as parental involvement. Services to children in non-public schools by JTASD were also monitored.

The Title I - Improving Basic Programs grant is the largest federal grant JTASD receives at $455,425. James states, "The program is to provide supplemental support for students in developing basic skills in reading and math." The grant money supports salaries for four math teachers and four reading teachers. This program assesses and works with students that need extra help in math and reading.